Most people don’t like cleaning up their dog’s poop. In fact it can be dangerous if you are not careful . Ever slip in a pile of dog poop? Whether for residential or commercial, and no matter what type of animal you have, we can scoop them all. For all other animals including horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, snakes, etc. please give us a call so we can discuss your needs. They all poop so we scoop them all. Just contact us today.



We will come to your home once or twice a week to scoop your dog poop. Upon arrival at your home we will:


  • Spray down our equipment with a disinfectant that will kill canine diseases such as parvovirus so that we do not carry anything into your yard that you do not want.
  • We will then scoop all poop from your yard.
  • All poop is scooped into double bags and removed from your property.
  • We will exit your yard, making sure to close any gates behind us and then spray our equipment and boots again before going on to the next yard.
  • Our scoopers will always be dressed in a professional manner.
  • An added benefit to our service is that we provide a visit report each time we service your home. In this report we inform you of any abnormalities in your dog’s poop that we find as well as any environmental dangers that we find that could harm your dog in some way.



We do offer a 10% discount for Seniors, Assistance Dogs, and Military/Police. Just ask us.


1 DOG:  Once Per Week: $14

2 DOGS:  Once Per Week: $18

2+ DOGS:  Once Per Week: Add $4 Per Dog


We bill on a pre-paid monthly basis. To keep billing simple, since months have different numbers of weeks, we multiply your weekly rate by 52 then divide by 12 rounding down to the next dollar to come up with an average monthly billed amount.


For example: 1 dog at once per week is $14.  $14/Week X 52 Weeks = $728.  $728/ 12 months = $60/month



Our customer referral program is really quite simple. If you refer a customer to us and they pay and stay for a full month of service then you will receive 50% off your next month of service. Refer as many people as you can. Word of mouth is our single best form of advertising.



Because of the varying sizes and complexities of commercial properties we are not able to quote a price until after our free consultation with you. Please contact us to set up a time for a sales person to meet with you. Whether a condo complex, retail stores, or a public park we can accommodate your commercial pooper scooper needs here in Southern New Hampshire. We will not only meet with you but also walk your property so that we can give a fair price.


Why Scoop the Poop?

In addition to the reasons listed on our home page there are several other issues with dog poop.

We will list some right here for you. Some poop contains:


Tapeworms, hookworms, and whip worms  -  Giardia and other parasites  -  Parvovirus

Just to name a few! In fact the EPA says that dog poop is a large contaminator of public drinking water.


Two brochures to look at:


Pet Waste