Effective December 21, 2016


Privacy Policy

At Turd Herders we take our customers’ privacy very seriously. While there is personal information that we need to conduct business, you can feel comfortable in knowing that we do not sell or give out any of our customers’ information.



No contract is needed to start service.


Every week (or every other week) Turd Herders, who will dress in bright yellow shirts, will scoop up all dog turds in your yard that we can see or clean your cat litter box for you. You will receive an email on the morning before service reminding you of your service visit. While we are servicing your yard we will look for anything that you may need to know about. This could include diarrhea, worms, or blood in the stool or it could include environmental concerns such as a hole under the fence. We will let you know via our Time to Pet program of any issues or concerns we have found.


We scoop quickly but thoroughly. With that said if Turd Herders does not do a satisfactory cleaning job, notify us immediately and we will return to your home to finish the job or provide a credit for that week’s service. If you notice that Turd Herders is consistently missing a particular area, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make sure that all areas are being serviced. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service so we can help your dog move into the realm, once again, of being man’s best friend.


If your dogs are aggressive, we would prefer you keep the dogs inside your home while we are servicing your yard. If not aggressive they may roam free while we are there.


Lastly, we service our clients’ yards year round (even in the snow!). Your dog will still take care of his business even if there is snow on the ground and your dog’s business is our business. Please remember that if we arrive at your home and are unable to gain access to your yard you will be charged for the service visit.



This service is pre-paid as a monthly service fee. Invoices are sent out on the 15 of each month and payment is due on the 30 of each month for the next month’s service.


All billing will be done electronically unless you specifically would like your invoices mailed to you. Payment will be taken from a credit card, cash, or check and an electronic copy of your receipt will be sent to you via e-mail.


If payment is not received by the 5 of the month for which payment is due you will be charged a 10% late fee. If payment is not received by the 15 of the month for which payment is due then service will be suspended until payment is made.  Your account will continue to accrue a 10% fee for each month it remains past due.  After 3 months of no payment the account will be referred to our attorneys for collection.  Any additional fees incurred due to collections will be added to the account.


There is a $35 fee on any check that is returned for any reason.


Vacation and Holidays

We understand that from time to time you may need to cancel service for a week or two. If the dog(s) are not going to be on the property and with at least a 24 hour notice, full credit will be given if you need to cancel service for the week. Please note that if the dog(s) are still going to be on the property then there will be a weekly charge at 50% off for that week, this is equivalent to our every other week charges.


We ask that you remember we are a family run business. With this in mind we will not be scooping the week between Christmas and New Year’s so that we may spend time with our family. Service will resume on January 2, or the first Monday of the new year.  Any additional time off during the year will result in full credit being given.


Turd Herders does not scoop on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. This may result in some service days being shifted.  We will inform you when this is the case.


Inclement Weather and Cancellation Policy

If we need to cancel service on any day due to inclement weather (Snow, Lightning, extreme rain, or cold) you will receive a 50% credit for that day.  This is equivalent to our every other week rate.  If we need to cancel for any other reason you will receive full credit for the week of missed service.


If you are an every other week customer and we need to cancel that week, we will then shift your service to the following week and you will receive service two weeks in a row to get you back on schedule.  If we need to cancel that week as well, you will receive credit for that missed service.


Many customers choose to pause service for the winter.  Anyone that pauses service for more than two months will be subject to the minimum spring cleaning charge of $100 and $30 for each additional half hour it takes to clean the yard.  Unless, of course, the customer cleans the yard themselves in the spring.  We do encourage those that pause service to call quickly in the spring as once the snow melts it could take a while before we are able to get back to cleaning your yard.


Time to Pet

Time to Pet (TTP) is an online pet sitting software service that we utilize in our pooper scooper business for the first time this next year.  There are many functions within this program that we will be using.  This software program will replace the sticky notes we’ve left behind in the past informing you that we were there.  TTP has a GPS and time stamp function within the program so you will know for sure that we were there to service your yard.  It also has message functions where we can let you know if any issues or concerns were found during our visit.  One last feature of TTP that we will probably use sparingly is the photo feature.  We may take a picture of anything we find that may need your attention, but hopefully we will never have to take a picture at your house!  TTP also has invoicing functionality, but we will not use this.  Our current invoicing is secure, has been in existence for a very long time, and is backed by one of the financial giants of the industry.


All customers have the option of whether to activate your TTP account.  Just keep in mind if you do not activate your account you will not receive information that tells you we were there or if there are any issues or concerns you may want to know about.


The veterinary portion of TTP is optional for all pooper scooper customers.  You can fill out the info if you would like someplace to keep the information secure.  For anyone that also uses our pet sitting services the veterinary portion is required.



Referral Plan

Word of mouth is the best advertising for us, so if you refer anyone, we will reward you! For any referral that you send us (that client must stay with our company for more than a month), we will discount your next monthly service bill by 50% as a thank you. This is unlimited! Just have that new client make sure to tell us that you referred them so we can make sure you get credited for the referral.


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