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Pet Tech First Aid and cpr

Pet Health

The PET TECH PETSAVER PROGRAM teaches you, as a responsible Pet Owner, the proper techniques of CPR, First Aid, and Care for your pets. Data from the American Animal Hospital Association shows that 1 in 4 more pets could have been saved if just 1 of these techniques had been applied prior to Veterinary Care. Knowing how to apply these skills could be the difference between life and death, or temporary versus permanent disability. The more you know about Pet First Aid, the better chance you have of keeping a minor problem from becoming a major one.

As a Certified Pet Tech Instructor, I will assist you in promoting caring, conscientious, responsible, and loving ownership. All of the skills and techniques taught are a part of the Chain of Care that Veterinarians use.

The PETSAVER PROPGRAM will cover: Other Courses Offered:

* restraining and muzzling * CPR and First Aid -4 hrs

* primary assessment * Knowing Your Pet’s Health -2 hrs

* rescue breathing * Caring for Your Senior Pet- 2 hrs

* canine and feline CPR * Dental Care- 2 hrs

* choking management

* bleeding and shock management

* snout-to-tail assessment for injury and wellness

* assessing vitals

* first aid kit contents

* insect bites and stings, and snakebites

* heat and cold injuries

* seizures

* senior care

* dental

Classes are held at: Turd Herders, Derry, NH

Taught By: Melanie Craig, CPTI #2063  PetTech Cert Mel

Cost : PET SAVER PROGRAM $120 (includes PetSaver book, certificate, and emergency muzzle)- You will be certified for 2 years

OTHER COURSES: call for pricing

Classes are held monthly. Call for private or group pricing.

Click here for schedule and sign-up

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