Here at Turd Herders we believe that dog training is one of the most important aspects of owning a dog.  Training your dog not only makes life much more enjoyable for you and your dog, it also makes life much safer for you, your dog, and anyone that comes in contact with your dog.

We believe in using whatever style of training works for your dog.  Our preference is to use praise as positive reinforcement in dog training and find that many dogs will work hard and advance quite well using this method.  Some dogs do much better utilizing treats and yet some do better with toys as a positive reinforcement.  Whether praise, treats, or toys we will use the positive reinforcement method that works for your dog.

All of our classes are taught on a rolling admissions basis so you can start right away.  If you’d like a larger package of classes than what is offered below on any of our classes just let us know.

Check our calendar of events for current availability of courses.

Initial Evaluation/Consultation:  Free @ our Facility; $30 in your home

All dog training starts here.  Before we can start a training program for you and your dog we need to meet you and your dog privately for an assessment and see what issues you may behaving.  This meeting can be scheduled by email or phone.   (603) 965-2259 or

Basic Puppy Class: * $25 Class  * $80 4 weeks *  $175 8 Weeks * 

Our basic puppy class is a combination playtime/socialization/learning time for both puppy and owner.  This is a rolling admissions class and you can join at any time.  In our basic puppy class we talk about basic puppy care, work on socialization, and we work on getting puppies used to various stimuli (loud noises, different types of distractions, different types of flooring, etc.)  This is a 4 week series and each class is 45mintues to 1 hour long.  Basic Puppy Class is exempt from the evaluation requirement.

Puppy Obedience: * $25 Class * $169 8 Classes *

Puppy obedience is taught on a rolling admissions basis and runs in an 8 week series.  You may take these classes as many times as you like.In our puppy obedience class we work on the basics of sit, down, stay, come, leave it, walking on loose leash and other basic manners.  This class is for puppies up to 7 months old.  Class sizes are limited and fill quickly.  Puppy Obedience is exempt from the evaluation requirement.

Basic Obedience:  * $29 Class * $199 8 Classes *

Basic Obedience a admitted on a rolling admissions basis and is taught on an 8 week series.  This class is basically the same as our Puppy Obedience  class but for dogs 7 months and older.  Unless your dog went through one of our puppy classes they will need an evaluation before starting classes.  More of an emphasis will be placed on control and calmness in this class as well as duration of down.  Class sizes are limited and fill quickly.

Intermediate Obedience: * $39 Class * 10 Classes $300 *

Our intermediate class builds off the beginner class.  You must have graduated from the basic class or been evaluated to be ready for the intermediate level to start classes.  You will learn how to train your dog while encountering more distractions and how to have longer distance control of your dog.  Off leash work will be introduced at this level.   Intermediate classes are on a rolling basis and you can enter them at any point.  Check the calendar or give us a call to see what is being worked on each week.

Advanced Obedience: * $39 Class * 10 Classes $300 *

Our Advanced class continues to build off the intermediate class.  You must have graduated from our intermediate class or been evaluated at the advanced level to enter this level class.  The advanced obedience classes are taught on a rolling admission basis and you can enter at any point.  This class is all off leash work.  Increasing distance and greater distractions are the core of this course level.

Private Classes:  $69/Hour

Our private classes are held at our own facility and will be just you, your dog, and a trainer.  We can work on obedience training, behavioral issues, basic manners, or whatever you need help with during this time.

In Home Training:  $99/Hour

Our in-home training is the same as our private classes, but in your home!  Some dogs may need to start in home before they can be worked in our facility and some people are more comfortable starting in their own home.  Our trainer can recommend your next step during your evaluation.

Day Training: Varies

With day training you’ll drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.  Your dog will get some good exercise in doggie daycare (if temperament appropriate) and we will work with them throughout the day on specific issues you may be having.  If you are interested in day training then please setup a consultation and we can come up with an appropriate course of action that will work best for you and your dog.  Keep in mind that you will need to come to our facility at the end of training to learn how to enforce and encourage the positive habits your dog has learned.

Board N’ Train

This is a popular option with some people.  Maybe you’re going away and need to kennel your dog and also need some training.  Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you the time to work with your dog consistently or there are too many people at home trying to “train” him/her.  Whatever the reason, our Board N’ Train program is very successful in training your dog on being a good family member.  Your dog is treated like one of our own and exposed to various situations to really help them remember their training in different situations.  We only accept a few Board N’ Train clients at a time to provide adequate time with each dog

3-Week Board and Train:  $1399

This is a program designed for strictly all obedience work.  Participants will learn the basics of sit, stay, down, come, heel, leave-it, and walking on loose leash, as well as basic manners and living in a house full of people.  Contact us for more information.

Behavior Modification: Varies

Are you at your wits end and don’t know what to do?  Does your dog have too many strikes against it?  We can change most behaviors in our Board N’ Train program.  Because of the nature of Behavior Modification, the length of this program will vary from dog to dog.  We can discuss your case during your consultation.