Whether you work all day, are having work done at the house, or just desire to have your furry family member burn some energy off we can help you. Turd Herders is proud to now off doggie daycare in Brentwood NH.

Your Pup will enjoy playing with other dogs of like size and temperament. Our staff is trained in canine language and are always on the lookout for cranky pups. We are all also trained in dog CPR and First Aid and have an instructor on staff, so you know that re-certifications and ongoing training is done on a regular basis.

All dogs must go through a screening process before they can be placed into our regular daycare.  They will be matched with a playgroup and we will make sure that they are tired out before you come to pick them up.  Throughout the day we watch all dogs in daycare closely for any signs of stress or just being overwhelmed.  If we notice any undue stress we will immediately rest your pup for their safety and comfort.

All dogs need proof of current vaccinations for rabies, distemper/parvo, and canine cough.  This is for your dog’s safety as well as all other dogs in our care.  Puppies must have their first rabies shot by three months of age.  All dogs older than six months of age must be spayed/neutered in order to enjoy our daycare program.  If services are needed for an unneutered or in-spayed dog we may still be able to accommodate them in our day board program.  Give us a call for more information.


Single Dog:

Full Day $29      Half Day $19


5 Days $135      10 Days $270   Contact us for other package rates

Day Board:

Our Day Board program is for dogs that are not able to enter into our regular daycare program.  Some dogs just do not do well with other dogs.  They may be scared or overwhelmed, too aggressive, or need to recover from surgery.  Whatever the reason no dog should miss out on the interactions we can provide them.  Our staff is experienced in handling dogs of all temperaments and physical needs.  Let us care for them when you aren’t able to.

Day Board rates are $39 Full Day and $29 Half Day.